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Leadership is self-mastery in service of something bigger

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At Oli Leadership, we help ambitious entrepreneurs & leaders do work they love and lead with brilliance. We believe all great leaders do two things well: they inspire and influence others towards a positive result. This requires self-mastery. Let us help you discover and express your brilliance. You'll be fulfilled and you'll make a huge difference.

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AhalyaTV provides inspiration and actionable strategies for leaders to increase their influence and results at work without compromising other areas of their life. New episodes are released regularly and you can watch them right here. Click below for the latest episodes, viewed by 10,000+ leaders across 100+ countries. If you like what you see, subscribe to AhalyaTV!

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Ahalya’s presentation was well received by both our alumni mentors and our students

Ahalya delivered an excellent presentation to our 40 person group of mentors and students at Ryerson University that was well received by both our alumni mentors and students. I would highly recommend Ahalya as a presenter, particularly for sessions with …

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