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Coach Ahalya Ahalya pichas been helping ambitious male founders and leaders transform their leadership abilities to achieve business success and personal fulfillment. With 12 years of coaching and consulting experience, she is currently the Founder of Lead with Brilliance, an executive coaching and leadership development company.

Recognized as a passionate and engaging coach, speaker, and trainer, Coach Ahalya is known to ask powerful questions, get to the heart of the matter, give brutally honest feedback, and make a significant impact in a single interaction. With a focus on developing her clients’ self-management and people management skills, Coach Ahalya’s clients will attest that as a result of working with her, they are more confident in their ability to have difficult conversations; they can effectively influence those whom they previously struggled to engage; and they are inspiring their teams to produce better results. Her clients get more done before lunch than they used to in an entire day, and they spend more time operating at the right level doing what they do best – applying their strategic thinking to achieve unprecedented results.

Over the years, Coach Ahalya has worked directly with thousands of leaders and her webTV show has over one million views. She has been invited by Google to speak on topics of influence, stakeholder management, and effective self-management. She is also a Forbes contributor on the topic of leadership. Coach Ahalya graduated from Ivey, one of Canada’s top business schools, and she is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the renowned Coaches Training Institute. Her own unconventional path, inspired life, and powerful presence makes her a uniquely sought-after coach.

Whether the executive is a dynamic extrovert or an introverted engineer, Coach Ahalya works incredibly well with brilliant minds and big egos. She works primarily with men under 45 who are looking for: 1) the right role to impact positive change in a fulfilling way; or 2) the leadership know-how to inspire and influence others effectively. Her work is centered on the belief that leadership is self-mastery in service of something bigger. She believes that through self-awareness, mindfulness, and self-development tools and practices, any leader and their team can achieve real, lasting business results and find meaning in their work. She also believes that empowered men empower women and views her work with men as a critical contribution to inclusion, diversity, and women in tech.

In her spare time, Coach Ahalya can be found running by the Golden Gate Bridge or visiting her family in Toronto. She loves scenic places; the performing arts; and a good vegetarian meal. Occasionally, she picks up her violin to play her favorite South Indian Classical pieces, though she no longer teaches or performs. What she finds incredibly rewarding is her involvement in the community, particularly her work with youth and transforming education, leadership, and what it means to be human. She is also an active member of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the International Coaching Federation and a popular facilitator within the Consciousness Hacking community.

You can connect with her on FacebookTwitter, and Linkedin.

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